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Feels like Spring in Montana!
Winter is back!
Feels like spring in Montana!
January 21, 2015
Wood, Wood, and more wood!


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Feels like Spring in Montana!

What a crazy weekend!  It was warm and sunny and in the 60's.  We are having spring like weather for February!  Sure hope we get some moisture soon or we will burn up this summer!  For those of you not from the beautiful state, Our mountains supply us with our fresh clean water from the snow pack and right now we don't have much snow pack in those mountains!  Typically if we don't get any snow we will have extreme forest fires this summer.  Not good!!! So we must ask for moisture in our daily rituals!

Winter is back!

We are in the shop today. nothing like the warmth of wood stove to keep us warm.  We woke up to a skiff of snow on the ground and temps have dropped to 30*. Garrick is busy in the studio today playing flutes, sax and didgeridoo for his new album.  Which will be headed to the printing press soon.  Stay tuned for clips of the new music.  I am going to sneak in and see if I can get some raw footage of the progress!  I will return shortly.  Happy Hump Day every one! 

Feels like spring in Montana!

Is it REALLY January?  I must be in the wrong state, cause this sure doesn't feel like Montana.  The sun has been shining and Garrick has been creating beautiful things, He just finished a beautiful Yellowstone Wood Rustic Desk that is beyond gorgeous! I will post pictures soon!  What are you doing this time of year?  We are in the process of making more flutes and furniture and when Garrick has time he is drawing with graphite stay tuned to see what is next!  Good Bye January and Hello February!

January 21, 2015

Time is rolling by so quickly!  The shop is busy with new creations happening in it.
Garrick is busy making and creating all kinds of new stuff.   We have had two designers both say the same thing. Our furniture is "Contemporary-Rustic"  We like that!  Garrick specializes in tables of all kinds.  Dining tables made from Cedar and Yellowstone wood.

This table is made from old beams, Yellowstone wood and new wood!

The weather is crazy here, yesterday it was t-shirt weather, today we need our long handles to stay warm!

Wood, Wood, and more wood!

Good afternoon, it is a beautiful day in Montana.  Sitting at my desk and drinking coffee and the door bell rang with a postal package on the porch.  Opened it up to find wood from China to build flutes with.  This wood is to be over 800 years old.  Hmmm it is heavy and solid.  This will be interesting to work with.  Have a good day everyone!  The website is growing and so is TreeSinger Art.  Have a fabulous week.

Settling into the shop for winter!

Well, winter is here already and we are getting ready to settle in for the cold blustery winter.  Garrick is in the shop creating new beautiful flutes made from all kinds of wood.  He wanted me to let you know that the training videos are in the studio getting redone.  We had a computer crash and they were all on it.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  We will have them up soon!  

New music is on the way.  If you have any of his previous albums you will be happy to know we have new music is on it's way to the printing press and will be available soon.

Fall is here! One more show in the Park.

Fall is here and the shop is busting loose with new creations.  Garrick is busy building flutes and furniture.  We even have the occasional request for a picture frame or two.  Don't miss his last show in Yellowstone Park this weekend at Old Faithful Inn Sunday October 6th & Monday October 7th.  Have a super week everyone!

Springtime is approaching!

We are getting busy with all kinds of work. Yellowstone Park is busy with renovation happening all over the park and you know what that means, we are headed to the park to retrieve all of the recycled wood so we can make beautiful things from it!  Happy February everyone!  

Yellowstone Showings

Much happening with TreeSinger flutes in recent days! We have been given vendership status in Yellowstone Park!
This is great news because now I can show and perform in three different locations all during summer and the season.
I went to "Lakes" hotel for two days and had a very successful show sending two Yellowstone flutes and one Red Rocks flutes off to good homes .
Next showing in the Park will be at the Old Faithful Inn next month.
I would like to take this opportunity to voice my gratitude and appreciation for Michelle Broussard's loving and selfless support with helping TreeSinger Art becoming a reality.

Welcome to TreeSinger Art and my blog.

Hello, this is Garrick Faust. Welcome to Treesinger Art and my blog.
 Ive been spending a lot of time in the shop creating. Mostly the Yellowstone and Red Rocks edition flutes. I figured that I need to stay on these as long as the wood last's.
Come springtime they will move quickly so if any of you visiting are interested in having one, please let me know as soon as possible and reserve yours now. The wood supply is limited.
You can reserve yours with a $250.00 deposit which will ensure your limited edition signed and numbered Red Rocks or Yellowstone flute.
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