TreeSinger Art - Hand Crafted Flutes & Fine Furniture
Yellowstone Heirloom Art, Desk, light bar, and book shelves!  TreeSinger Art.
Sofa table, end tables, & coffee tables, Yellowstone reclaimed wood.

Custom pieces made to order.  One of a kind originals  Most of these unique items are made from reclaimed wood from historic buildings in Yellowstone National Park.  These items are made as originals because there is only so much of this wood available.  Once it is gone, you have a magnificant piece of history sure to out live you and generations to come.     Call today for your quote.  406-224-2220

Coffee Tables, End Tables, Kokopelli Bar, Pub Table, Dressers, Desks, Book Shelves, Beds, Dining Tables, 

History for Generations to come!!  Call  us today!
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